Extreme(ly Free) Editing

Except You Get Much More Than You Paid For

This area of the site is where you can see before-and-after case studies of Extreme Editing in action.

There are two kinds of fodder:

  1. Writing you submit for help
  2. Writing you find that you know needs help

Working on an essay for school? A cover letter for your job application? Want to get your complaint to XYZ corporation just right? Don’t want to pay for it? You’ve come to the right place. Send me an excerpt of your writing that is giving you trouble, and I will do a first-round edit for you, and feature the before-and-after on the site (we can omit your name, of course). Not only will you get a free, expert second opinion, you’ll also be helping me provide regular readers with real-life examples.

Find some particularly tragic or confusing writing somewhere on the web? Send me the URL and I’ll do a makeover on it here.

So what are you waiting for?!? Send your writing and suggested sites today!

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