Every once in a while, you manage to discover something on your own that makes you feel like a genius and an idiot all at once. Today I learned how to use cling-wrap. I mean, use it properly. Of course I’ve used cling-wrap before. But never very well.

I am not just talking about having it stick to itself (I actually have a good tip for that, believe it or not). I am talking about just getting the damned stuff out of the box and off the roll.

See, here’s what always happens to me: I pull out a length of cling-wrap, and when I try to tear it off, I can never seem to get the stupid serrated metal teeth to cut into it. I know. I’m retarded. So what would happen is that I would just stretch the plastic until it snapped at the side, at some arbitrary, useless point, and I had to start all over again, after cleaning up the ragged mess of cling-bits I’d left still attached to the roll.

But today, I was wrapping up chicken breasts for freezing (individual portions… yes, I’m single), and I decided to figure it out. Those of you who are cling-wrap masters can skip over this part. No, seriously. Bugger off, you think you’re so smart. For the rest of you, here’s what you do:

  1. Hold the cling-wrap from the end
  2. Keeping the whole strip tight without touching the metal teeth
  3. Then, just twist the wrist that’s holding the box until the teeth touch the cling-wrap (keep it tight!)
  4. WHAMMO, the whole strip will just pop right off!

(Hey… I thought I told you to skip ahead!)

Today. A paradigm shift in the kitchen. I’m euphoric.

TIP: To keep cling-wrap from sticking to itself, keep the box in the freezer! I’m serious! It works! Look at the exclamation marks! They don’t lie!

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