I hate being sick. I shouldn’t complain, because I don’t get sick often, but whenever I do, it’s the same thing: sore throat. Not really sore, actually; more like slicing, razor-blades every time I swallow. Not so much fun.

Met Kathy for a “smoothie” since she’d already had lunch. We sat on the lawn in front of the Vancouver School Board; hopefully this will fill me full of good teacher karma for my upcoming B.Ed. degree. Kathy isn’t feeling so well: sore throat. I felt fine until I got home this afternoon. Hm.

Went out for dinner to the Rugby Club, where a sleeve of Guinness is only $2.86. The food made me feel better, but once I stopped eating my throat hurt again.

If this still hurts tomorrow, I’m calling Kathy. We didn’t even make-out or nothin’.

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