Damned if you Do.D.T., Damned if you D.D.on’T.

After hearing about the black widow spider found in bunches of grapes here in Eastern Ontario, I examined mine very carefully before washing them. What I found were the dried out husks of several little creatures, like the one pictured here, hidden among the stems and fruit.


Ahem. I thought I was okay with the reality of where our food comes from. But now I’m wondering how many crusted bug wings and antennae I ingest in a typical week.

You may be thinking that I’m recommending close inspection of your food. Au contraire, dear reader. Rather, I implore you ignore it instead. Don’t look at it. Don’t think about where it came from, or how it got to your plate, or what happened to it along the way.

You’ll only spoil your appetite.

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