Dave the Roommate Reloaded

Tonight Dave and I were watching our favourite TV show, “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.” Easily the funniest show on television ever, it’s a crazy Japanese game show where contestants play weird obstacle-course style games, which usually end up with them getting humiliated, injured, or both.

One woman fell down between these two giant rolling logs into a pool of muddy water, and in the process, she got pretzelled backwards between the logs until her foot almost touched her shoulder. Her other leg torqued out so that her knee bent in a very unnatural way.

“OH MY GOD!” we both shouted from our respective couches.

But she just got up, laughing, and splashed out of the water.

“How the hell could she walk away from that?!?” I said.

“Yeah,” Dave said, “Japanese people are bendy.”

Ed’s Note: Dave is half Japanese, so that remark is officially not racist. Not that any race wouldn’t want to be known as bendy.


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