Dinosaur Comics: A Lesson in Not Giving Yourself Away

Hint-- Don't Be Overly Specific

Following on my last post about web comics, I wanted to mention another great one. Dinosaur Comics is a bizarre treat of clever and eccentric writing, over the exact same dinosaur drawings every day. That’s right, the panels never change, only the text. It’s one of those arbitrary restrictions that has created pure comic gold.

Today’s comic made me laugh out loud, particularly panel 5, where one of the dinosaurs gives away a kissing technique he likes, because he says it so quickly, and so specifically. It reminded me of the time when I was in elementary school, and I accused my neighbour Adrian of having sexual relations with a shampoo bottle. Of course, I only knew this would be an insult because I had tried it

Ed’s Note: Unsuccessfully.

and realized how small you would have to be in order for it to work. And of course, the insult backfired, since the fact that I must have tried it was obvious to Adrian and my other friends. And this comic brought that moment back in all its naive, youthful, hormonal glory.

Ed’s Note: New product suggestion: Wide-mouth shampoo bottles!


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