Episode III: BBQ of the Jedi

Use the forks, Luke!

I have had the patience of a Sith Lord in exile, but finally, all my appliances, including my insanely expensive Vermont Castings barbeque, are finally working.

The manager at Calgary Home Appliance was kind enough to send over a replacement unit after only 3 failed repair attempts. The delivery guys who brought it in told me there was a BBQ cover inside the unit for me (it was all wrapped up and I couldn’t check.

“If it’s not in there, just call the store and they’ll have one for you.”

After I unwrapped it, I was overcome with complete not-surprise at the total lack of BBQ cover contained inside the grill.

I have to return a quick-connect doohickey to the store anyhow, so I’ll update you on whether I get my cover or not.

The good news is that all the burners light, crossover, and heat up perfectly. In fact, with them all on high the thing gets so hot that it doesn’t register on the thermometer (that’s over 600�F)!

My favourite BBQ trick it to leave all the burners on high for a few minutes after I’m done cooking. This chars any food bits stuck to the grill and makes scraping it clean dead easy.

Now all I need is my furniture, and I can have my housewarming party! Watch for your invitations in early November, 2009!


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