Free Gmail Accounts

After many weeks of testing, Google has finally found me worthy of disseminating their infectious email service. I have 4 accounts available, free to the first lucky readers who contact me requesting one.

The catch? You have to tell me the name of your favourite teacher, and why you thought s/he was so great.

As for my Gmail experience, I love most of the interface, but there are a couple of things that tick me off:

  • You can’t save a draft copy of a message
  • You can’t add recipients from the contact list window (which is annoying when you’re trying to send out a message to a large group of people)
  • Deleting a single message, instead of a “conversation” (related responses) is harder than it needs to be.

I’m sure Google will get around to all of these issues soon (they’ve mentioned that they’re working hard on the contact-to-recipient thing), and am happy to recommend the service, despite my complaints and the negative press the service has been getting from the internet’s well-intentioned Paranoia Police.

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