How to Stop Drunk Driving

I received an email from my friend Nanci today. There was a Powerpoint slideshow attached. “Not for the faint of heart,” her message said.

The slideshow is part of an ad campaign against drunk driving. The images are graphic, and watching the story unfold on my screen, I had to fight sobbing.

This is not shock-value advertising for shock’s sake. This is reality. And it’s about time we saw it instead of the watered-down, piano-music schlock that’s tried to keep the roads safe.

After you watch this presentation, I think you’ll agree that it’s the most sobering thing you’ve experienced in years. And the next time you’re about to drink and drive, I guarantee you’ll think of this woman’s story. You might even call a cab.

Click here to view the presentation in your browser, or right-click to download the file

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