I Wonder if the Duck was Rough

Junk email has gotten just plain ridiculous. Normally, I just erase every message that isn’t from somebody I know, but that’s dangerous to do with your work email if you get inquiries from strangers who you would like to become clients. So in some cases, I actually start reading the message before I decide to delete it.

What’s become very entertaining is that email “spammers,” in their attempts to evade email filters that search for certain subjects or phrases in the email text, have started including random sentences in their messages. It’s pretty easy to develop a software program that can construct these kinds of sentences, and integrating this with a mass-mailing program would also be pretty easy, which means spammers are able to send completely different messages to every recipient on their junk mail list. Embedded somewhere within the message is the product or service they are trying to sell. Take for example this one I received today:

the slimy fish hates the drug dealer Hey baby wanna let me start melting your string?
Get a free of charge debt consultation with no commitment
Get started right now visit our site
A elegant letter makes baby Jesus cry Pin the toenail on the donkey
the monitor said ‘ Stop recording the bone! ‘ sweet jebus! uncomfortable hair!
Cut your credit card debt at this moment
you is so hard that I am studying the turtle
Captain Kirk looks like a fluffy mall I wonder if the duck was rough
the king is riding the sweet sugar cube?
We better go by the flashlight!

Wow. Of the 9 lines in this email, 3 of them are are about the debt reduction service being sold. My big question is how are spammers being paid for their work? It can’t be by referrals from the emails, since I can’t imagine many people, badly in debt, deciding that the company who sent this email would be their best choice for financial freedom. “Yes, hello? I’m calling because I got your email regarding uncomfortable hair. I’m also interesting in having my string melted.”

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