Keep Your Head Up

That phrase isn’t just for hockey anymore. Walking home after class today I looked up. Like, at the second floor level of buildings and higher. I discovered some beautiful and surprising architecture in the 10 minute distance from school to my house: perilous balconies, strange old windows, and brightly painted siding that seemed out of place so close to the gray Ottawa pavement.

After a while I realized that I hadn’t been looking where I was going. The amazing thing was that on the slippery -30 sidewalks, I hadn’t fallen and busted my head open.

All around me were students moving to and from school, staring at the square meter of slush-covered concrete rolling ahead of their feet. This has got to stop. Please act as an ambassador of heads-up in your area. If I can manage it on the treacherous slopes of Sandy Hill, you can too. Courage.

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