Look Out Nintendo: Ninjas vs. Pirates!

My computer science class is starting a unit on video game design. They are using a freeware program called GameMaker that frees them from all the background programming details. After two units of real programming, they are vibrating with excitement. Yesterday we played a bunch of GameMaker-designed games so they could get a feel for what’s possible. Today I had them write down a basic outline of a game they would design. Here are my two favourites:

  1. I would like to make a game that is sort of like Zelda with keys and doors, but if that is to [sic] hard then I would like to make a game sort of like Mario. To pass the game you have to rescue all of the missing cookies and pink dogs. Yes Pink Dogs! If you want to attack an enemy you could spray it with perfume so it will pass out. Your health will be replenished by credit cards. Your perfume must be replenished at a store. This game takes place in a mall.
  2. The game I want to make, but probably won’t because of complicatedness, is Ninjas Versus Pirates. The ninjas have a long history of conflict with the pirates, it goes a long way back. Possibly, later on in the game, they find a common third enemy, maybe the samurai or the cowboys, and join forces to defeat their evil leaders. There will be pick-up-able weapons to use, ranging from the ninja’s katanas and stars, and the pirates [sic] cutlasses, pistols, and peg-leg clubs.

Finally, pirates get the video game tribute they deserve. I always knew those peg legs had a more sinister use.

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