My Polyphasic Sleep Experiment Begins

Necessity is the Mother of Exhaustion

This summer has been a SNAFU; instead of doing a last edit of my novel’s final draft, I have yet to write a word. Instead of adhering to a rigourous sleep schedule, I have been crossing the border of consciousness willy-nilly. I have not been able to conjure the determination to stick to my plans. I could blame lots of things for my distraction, but in the end, it comes down to a lack of resolve on my part.

Ironically, now the only way I will be able to achieve my first goal is by adopting my second goal: by switching to polyphasic sleep, I’ll get another 5 hours of waking time per day, which will be necessary if I want to get this book done.

I will post my sleep experiences, as well as my writing progress, over the coming days. I have to go now– it’s almost time for my nap.

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