My Polyphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 3, Nap 1

A New Beginning

OK, so I have a new plan of attack. Jumping up when my alarm goes off has never been a problem. (Mostly because I never actually fall asleep.) The problem has been not staying up long enough to resist the temptation of going back to sleep. So my new plan is:

  1. Jump out of bed to turn off alarm.
  2. Leave the bedroom immediately, and make a complicated beverage in the kitchen.
  3. Blog about my current condition.

This will keep me awake and active long enough to shake off any haze I might have from trying to fall asleep. It remains to be seen if I can get through the sheer exhaustion that will occur in a couple of hours.

Today I tried staying up all day and starting my first nap after I felt tired; it didn’t result in me falling asleep, but I’m hoping that resigning myself to a “cold turkey” start, combined with my experience in the past two days, should help me get over the hump. Who knows. Not me.

So far so good, though. I’ve got a bodum full of Gunpowder Mint tea brewing in the background, and this post has perked me up a bit.

I can hear morning transport trains rumbling through downtown ten blocks north of me. The sun will be coming up soon, and I’ll get to watch the city wake up again.

BTW, if you’d like a quick route to all my posts on this little adventure, just bookmark this link:

My Polyphasic Sleep Experiment


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