My Polyphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 3, Nap 6

48 hours since my last "real" sleep

I just finished the final nap of my first full day of true polyphasic sleeping. It was really hard to get up after this one, but now, about 20 minutes later, I feel alright.

To be more specific, “alright” means alert without feeling drowsy, and no major aches or pains. I have a general sort of lightheadedness, and I am officially off driving until I can establish this routine solidly.

Meanwhile, I’m not sticking so rigidly to the nap schedule; if it’s “naptime” but I don’t feel tired, I’ll delay my nap by up to an hour until I feel more drowsy in order to have better luck falling asleep. Also, I am definitely going to consider adding an additional nap at times when I become overly tired; this didn’t seem to complicate matters for the others who tried this method.


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