Never Laid But Repeatedly Blown

Got back from my Cuban all-inclusive on Sunday morning. This wouldn’t be so interesting, but we escaped literally hours after hurricane Dennis tried to wipe most of Cuba into the Atlantic ocean. You can read more about my trip here.

Two funny Spanish language stories to tell:
1) A friend of a friend saw the words “los hombres” on the doors of many of the bathrooms he used. Then one night he was out somewhere (a bar or restaurant), and wanted to find the bathroom. He asked one of the staff, “¿dónde están los hombres?” That is, “Where are the men?”

2) A friend with us at the wedding wanted to tell a waitress how tasty the french fries were. French fries in Spanish are “papases fritas,” which quickly became one of our favourite sounds. This friend had heard the phrase “mucho gusto” used often in the restaurant, and understandably thought it meant “much flavour” or something similar. What he actually heard was the sound of waitstaff meeting the new clients at the resort, which happens daily. “Mucho gusto” means “much pleasure,” or more casually, “it is a pleasure to meet you.” So our friend had turned to the waitress and said, “Nice to meet you, French fries!”

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