PRK Laser Eye Surgery Smells Like Burning Hair

"Ze goggles... zey do nothing!!!"

Ze goggles!...This is what I look like before going to bed. Seriously. This is to keep me from rubbing my eyes in my sleep. Which I would definitely do.

I don’t know where to start about the surgery. The smell of my burning corneas? The almost Rainman quality of my surgeon? The enormous oil painting in the waiting room of Jesus touching the shoulders of two surgeons working on a patient? It’s too hard to choose.

However, I will say that I am doing well, and my vision is already incredibly clear. I am experiencing very, very minor discomfort, and I have crazy drugs and drops to help deal with it. Also, I am not supposed to spend any time in front of a computer or TV screen, so for the health of my eyes, I must go.

More later.

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