Super Ultra Extreme Improved Website

Now with Calcium!

I finally did it. I moved my website. Aaaaaaah. My old webhost had sold me a package deal with lots of bells and whistles, many of which I’d never use, and few of which actually worked. And I got tired of alerting their tech support people that their server was down, and then telling them how to fix it. My new webhost has only the doo-dads that I need, has so far been very stable, and is almost 75% less expensive. And CANADIAN! Take off, eh!

Like a physical move, when you’re getting settled in with a new webhost, you look around at your place and think about how you’d do things differently here. So I’ve moved some things around, re-organized the way the writing lists are shown, and added some stuff.

First off, the only lists of writing you’ll see are now shown on the left: the 10 most recent pieces followed by the top 10 pieces, as chosen by you (more on that later). On the right hand side is a teaser for a new feature I’ll be adding soon, and a few excerpts from other pieces of writing on the site.

I changed the homepage to show a simple Welcome message in case people have no idea what the hell the website is about (you’d be surprised how often that happens… or maybe not). Further to this, I’ve added an f.a.q (or “Frequently Asked Questions”) section that I’ll add to as necessary.

The funnest new thing is the “Ratings” feature: at the bottom of every piece of writing are rating buttons that you can click to weigh in with your opinion. Love it? Click the 5. Hate it? Be the Russian judge and click the 1. The only caveat is that you can only vote once per day for any piece of writing (don’t worry, the website will tell you if you try to stuff the ballot box). And of course the “send to a friend” form is still there at the bottom, but now you’ll get CC:ed with the email your friend gets as well.

That’s all for now, but the biggest change is coming soon! No hints! No peeking! And if you find any bugs or broken links, or have any suggestions for how the site can be improved, please let me know!

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