The Making of a Morning Person (Day 11)

Are You Kidding Me?

It was Terence of Andria who wisely prescribed, “Moderation in all things.” About two centuries later, Thomas Becon piped up, “Oh yeah? Including moderation!” Some sense of comic timing.

Speaking of which, my “comic timing” from last night, and my lack of bed time moderation, made it statistically impossible for me to rise at 5am. Especially because I turned my alarm off at 3:10am.

But I had a lovely, slow, rested awakening, followed by a greasy, indulgent breakfast at Nellie’s. I continued with a long walk around the neighbourhood, and finished by picking up a litre of mango ice cream at Philip’s Forbidden Flavours

Ed’s Note: I think he’s in the running for Gayest Most Metrosexual Morning Narration Ever. (But then again, who doesn’t want to win an MMMNE?… seriously, try to say that three times fast.)

before heading home, and– you guessed it– going back to bed.

Is this the equivalent of binge eating during a diet?

Oh yeah, and I still haven’t done any marking. I’ve got a couple hours left tonight, and then a long prep period tomorrow. I’m dead.

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