The Wholesome Undie: Another Reason to Love Vancouver

Wholesome Undie
Small protest against the Molson Indy today. Dubbed the “Wholesome Undie” race, dozens of Vancouver’s cyclists took to the pavement in their underwear to protest the Indy, claiming it to be too fast, loud, and bad for the environment.

“Remember,” said Alison ‘Unserwear,’ one of the organizers, “we’re not blocking traffic…” to which the crowd responded, “WE ARE TRAFFIC!”

[Ed’s Note: The male, speedo-clad organizer was going by the name of ‘Mario Underetti.’]

Among their slogans were:

  • Indy out, undies in, slow and sexy always wins!
  • Gentlemen, stop your engines!
  • Streets are for people, not for cars!

I have to agree with that last one. It really irks me that after spending billions of dollars on roads infrastructure that is obviously meant only for walkers, bikers, and Segway Human Transporters, cars feel they are entitled to share in the asphalt access.

Damn you, cars!

Ahem. Sorry, but that last slogan was really stupid. Especially if those cars have people in them, and aren’t those evil robot cars.

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