Two Days After PRK Laser Eye Surgery

Terror, Doubt, and Relief

Today started off pretty crappy. When I woke up, I had trouble focussing, and the contact in my left eye felt out of place. Still, I got showered, dressed up a bit in my new pants and belt (which I bought yesterday when I was waiting for my checkup appointment, using my Bay Gift Certificate… thanks Mom!), and went in to work.

My eyes felt slightly more sore than yesterday; my coworkers commented on how red my eyes were, but they were really supportive and curious about the procedure. I’m sure a few of them are hoping for horrible results so that they can be that naysayer at the party who dredges up my story as proof that nobody should ever have laser eye surgery. I can’t blame them; any tragedy is more interesting than a simple success.

I got lots of errands done at work, and then left early to meet my lawyer and finalize my condo business. The lawyer was awesome, and took almost two hours with me, going over every single document and indulging my nit-picky questions. At the end, he showed me the bill his assistant had prepared, and then cut it in half because part of it was for a payment in trust to be made to the seller in the future; it was legitimate for them to ask for it, but he just didn’t want me to pay it. Hilarious.

My right eye is starting to focus pretty good, but my left eye continues to be problematic. Nothing serious, but it’s just foggier than my right, and this loose contact is bugging me. About midway through the day, the soreness died down, and now I hardly notice it.

Tomorrow I go in for my second assessment, and to return the pants and belt. They are both too short.

Did I mention I never try anything on?


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    How are your eyes today? Would you recommend getting PRK?

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