Why People Think (North) Americans are Stupid

UK Pre-Teens Better Scientists than US Collegiates

Everyone loves a good Do-It-Yourself (or “DIY”) science project. Especially if they involve explosions.

One of my favourite web sites, BoingBoing.net, highlighted a video of how to make a dry ice bomb, as recorded by what appears to be a couple of university-aged North Americans. It’s interesting, but as somebody who likes a recipe, and also appreciates the attached-ness of his fingers to his hands, I couldn’t help but note the lack of specifics in the “bomb” making, and it was very difficult to see the exact amounts of water and ice used. This is apparently an important ratio.

Contrast this with the two pre-teens from the UK who, with the help of their father, go through several dry-ice experiments, complete with safety warnings and scientific explanations of what is going on.

The college boys look like illiterate yahoos, while the UK kids come off as David Attenborough prodigies. Awesome.


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