A Battle of Wits

Arguments are wars that we wage on fields of conflict.
Opinions are the weapons that we use to kill and maim.
There are so many strategies, it is impossible
To defend myself against the onslaught.

Archer, look into your quiver,
Select the very finest arrow,
The quarrel with the straightest shaft,
And the strongest, sharpest, most penetrating point of view.

Knight, mount your steed of protest,
Take up your blade of enlightenment,
Push me from the shaky grounds on which I stand,
And hack away at my weak and faulty shield of proof and premise.

And when you have defeated me, bent and broken me,
Crushed and crippled me, and forced upon me your divine wisdom,
When you look at the ragged, bloody mess I have become,
Perhaps you will see yourself for yourself.

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