So Much Sofa

For A.C. and Bob Gilford

You don’t eat your pizza crusts either
And I recognize the excitement in your eyes when you say


so I wonder if
this is how love starts?

finding things in common
like loose change in the sofa
unremarkable in small amounts but
intoxicating if it begins to add up

until one horrible day we’ll find
that last dime
that last nickel
that last penny,

I mean, we’ll have to–

there is only so much money in the world
and only so much sofa–

so I’ll wonder if
this is how love ends?

putting up a fence on the boundary of mutual desire
running your tongue along the edges of sameness
knowing all the ways we are together
and all the ways we are not

it seems ludicrous now
to think it could happen to us–

but I once was certain the government
reimbursed people who had been mugged
if only they would fill out a form–

because when I smell you on my skin
and see you inside my shuttered eyes

I have this feeling–

sweet flesh
thick soul–

that you and I,
we could make change.

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