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What?!? Look Directly at the Laser?!?

As for safety, my surgeon is apparently a superstar. I googled him, and found a whole bunch of research he is working on, along with a guy who had him as his eye surgeon, and gives the doc a huge thumbs up. About the most disturbing thing I could find about him is a small square of paper in my preparation package with the title “Prayer Request.” It starts “Your surgeon is a Christian and he believes in the power of prayer.” If I check the box, put my name on the line, and hand it in on the day of my surgery, the doctor will take a moment to pray with me for a good outcome. However, the card also says that “Each day [the doctor] personally prays for his patients and he prays for divine guidance as he operates on each patient.” I think that should be enough. After all, if God is looking out for the doc’s performance (and, by association, his malpractice insurance), I’m sure that means I should be fine.

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