For My Dad, Robert Prowse, on Father’s Day

This is so much better than golf balls. Honest.

Dear Dad:

This year, instead of a card or a gift (or anything else that costs money), I’m writing you an online letter for Father’s Day. It’s really just a list of thank-yous for all the dad stuff you did for me over the years, some of which I’m only now coming to appreciate.

Thank you for not killing me when I wrecked your beautiful car. I always look now when I’m turning left.

Thank you for driving around looking for me when I was in grade 10 and broke curfew because I was dating a chick in grade 13 who had a van.

Thank you for supporting me when I decided not to get confirmed.

Thank you for encouraging me to take risks, in work and in play.

Thank you for having the patience and control to put an end to the abusive parenting you were taught by your father. This one act will improve the lives of all the generations that follow you.

Thank you for our summer family vacations.

Thank you for being active in sports, and encouraging me to play.

Thank you for telling me the truth about hard topics when I asked. After you gave me the straight goods on sex and Santa Claus, I knew I could talk to you about anything.

Thank you for always buying me the athletic shoes I wanted.

Thank you for paying, and always seeming to have an extra twenty when I was going out with a girl.

Thank you for teaching me how to play so many sports; they contributed a lot of my happiness and confidence.

Thank you for driving me to, picking me up from, and cheering me on at, all of the events in my young life. I didn’t know it then, but it really meant a lot of me.

And finally (for now), thank you for trying to teach me how to fish, no matter how futile it seemed.

I love you, and I’ll see you soon!

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