Ah… Student Meals.

Hungry. Needed dinner, no groceries. I considered pizza, but the shop at the corner was too expensive. Whatever happened to the pizza wars? Remember when you could get 2 large pizzas for $13.99? Now it’s $16.99 for one medium. I guess the wars are over; apparently pizza won, and we’ve moved into the raping and pillaging stage.

I decided to white-trash it. Walked over to the Zellers, which now has a supermarket section, and bought two cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli (seriously), an 8-pack of hamburger buns, a litre of milk and a box of Chunks Ahoy! cookies. Total: $7.03.

Back at the ranch, I heated up the rav in the microwave, and got some salami and havarti out of the fridge. I used these to make two sandwiches on the hamburger buns. When the microwave beeped off, I slopped some ravioli between the salami and the cheese, so the cheese melted. Mmmm… trailer-icious!

No, it wasn’t so great, but I’ve eaten worse. I just wish I’d had some way to keep the little raviolis from squirting out of the bun when I took a bite. Regardless, any meal can be salvaged with a mittful of Chunks Ahoy! and a glass of milk for dessert.

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