Why I Won’t Be Teaching At a Catholic School

Took the bus to school today. Lots of highschool students were heading to class as well. Two girls in tartan kilts, presumably going to Catholic school, were chatting a few feet away from me.

“So what’s this ‘mass’ thing all about?” one asked. Remember that Catholic schools, since lobbying successfully for government funding, must admit both Catholic and non-Catholic students.

“Oh, we go sit in the gym?” explained her friend, in that teenage question-as-statement manner. “And then this priest gets up? And he like, goes blah blah blah for half and hour? And then we go back to class.”

That is almost verbatim. The scary thing (or maybe the comforting thing?) is that this is the same answer you would’ve received 15 years ago, when I started Catholic high school.

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