Another Great Day at the Not Office

I Love My Job

It’s all about the little things. And what I’ve learned is that these little things have always been happening, but I’ve gotten better at seeing them, and appreciating them.

A class full of kids, different learning styles, different computer-savviness, all riveted at being able to get the computer to print out “Yer Mom” on the screen.

A punk with a mohawk and a Muslim girl in a hijab, laughing and skipping arm in arm down the hallway.

Meeting with a concerned parent and his son’s teachers. The parent would like us to shame his son by announcing the boy’s low mark to the entire class. Shame will motivate. He may be right, but I explain it’s not an option. FOIP. Professional standards. Self-esteem. The father gives me a look that says, “Fuck your FOIP. Make my boy learn.”

The track team is training in the hallway because there is snow on the ground in April. One athlete, winded, complaining to another: “Yeah, but I run the 400. You run the 3000. That’s like… 4 times longer!” And then after a moment, “At least four times.”

Later, as I leave, I see that student and his teammates and coach stretching. I ask him about his math. He has since concluded that 7 is a better estimate than 4. Which leads to a fun conversation about why math is important. Everything from being able to do your taxes to telling how much time is left in class.

Tomorrow will be different.

  1. #1 by Pop - April 27th, 2008 at 09:03

    Really enjoyed it. What is "FOIP"? and why not announce it to the entire class? Off with their heads!

  2. #2 by Bore - February 26th, 2015 at 02:15

    Begun, the great internet edacution has.

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