Close Call

Almost got killed tonight.

Crossed Homer street after having a couple beers at Subeez with my roommate and his cousin (who is moving into my room when I leave), and mere seconds after we reached the opposite curb, a Jetta travelling with the light t-boned an old Corolla running the red, right into the crosswalk we had just used.

I’m sure my drinking companions would have been able to get out of the way, but being on crutches, and slightly inebriated, I would’ve been roadkill.

It’s good to get a harsh dose of carpe diem every once in a while, even if it is at the expense of some sheet metal.

I think the drivers were OK. The fire department is literally 50 yards from where the accident happened, but it still took them 5 minutes to show up. Time to regrease that pole, boys.

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