Ankle Surgery Update

Rationalizing Another Two Weeks of Hobbling

My ankle operation went well. From what I could piece together through my anaesthetic fog, my doctor managed to remove my bone chip and clean the ankle joint with the scope, so no major cutting or sawing was required.

The current outlook is 10 more days on crutches, then a week of light walking and physio, then full weight-bearing and physio, and then good as new in 6-8 weeks.

The frustrating (yet wonderful) thing is that my ankle doesn’t hurt at all. No sharp pain, no dull throbbing, no itching… nothing. It feels ridiculous having a cast on. It feels like a costume. But I’m not one to ignore doctor’s orders, and after 16 months without sports, I’m not big on cutting corners where healing is concerned.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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