Every Classic Video Game: Online!

or "The Greatest Website EVER."

I have very happy memories of playing video games in arcades, at the roller rink, in restaurants at those little table-game contraptions, and at home on my NES. Now a brilliant person has made a web site that lets you play what appears to be every video game ever made, all in your web browser.

It’s like being warped back 20 years and handed a million dollars in quarters. I spent all day giggling like a 6 year old girl.

All the Pac-Mans. All the donkey kongs. Galaga. RBI Baseball. Double Dragon. Legend of Zelda (I and 2). Mario Brothers. Super Mario Brothers 1 through 3. Paperboy. Castlevania. Spy Hunter. Track and Field. And hundreds more.

I spent 4 hours playing “Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom” out of sheer disbelief.

Don’t go to this web site. Seriously.

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