Finally at a Loss for Words

But it Feels Good

I’ve met an incredible woman. That’s it. The excuse for my lack of posting, the explanation for why my co-workers think I’m looking kinda strange lately.

Ed’s Note: Strange, as in bedraggled, unshaven, with a goofy grin. Like, kinda homeless.

I can’t put into words what this is like. Not yet. I feel a rush to express it, to experience it in language, but it’s as futile as hurrying Christmas.

Good things take time. I’m really starting to appreciate that fact about everything in life: learning, cooking, problem-solving, grieving, and loving. They all take the passage of time to ripen, but most of us have forgotten this in a world of text-messaging, email, and stfu-lol-pwnage.

I implore you to let time do its work.

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