Forty Days Without Facebook: An Agnostic Tribute to Lent

Or "Damn You Sarah Blue!!!"

I am giving up Facebook for Lent. Last year’s new year’s resolution failed miserably, but a shorter, cold turkey approach just might cut it.

Everybody knows I had the faith beaten out of me over 13 years at Catholic school. I am now a practicing Pastafarian, but admittedly I received a good education, a very satisfying fetish for kilts, and a chance to participate in several holy festivals. Lent, for example, is the 40 days (not counting Sundays) before Easter, during which the faithful give up something important to them as a sacrifice, and to cleanse their souls.

Ed’s Note: Not sure why or if the Sundays are not included. Also not sure if God can build a rock so big that He Himself cannot lift it.

I am obviously not religious. So why participate in Lent this year? Lots of reasons.

Ed’s Note: Because a cute girl told him to.

First, I’m trying lots of new self-improvement stuff. Second, I’m saying “yes” to things I used to dismiss. Third, I’m impulsive, and stubborn.

And a cute girl told me to.

Sarah Blue is one of the great folks running DemoCampCalgary, a social mixer where technology visionaries, venture capitalists, application designers, and geeks of any and all other stripes give demonstrations of working software, and look to the crowd for support and feedback. (More on this in a future post.) During the introduction portion of the evening, Sarah suggested we mention what we “are giving up for Lent.” Not if, but what. So I chose Facebook. It will sting a little.

You can still get me by email and telephone of course. I will miss you all. Don’t do anything fun while I am gone.

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