Friends from Toronto are in town visiting, and wanted to go check out the Lac-Leamy casino in hull. While watching Vinnie win $250, I noticed two things:

    1. French face cards have different letters: R for the king (roi), D for queen (dame) and V for the jack (je ne sais quoi). Sounds obvious, but it looks WEIRD.
    2. French dealers have twice as much work to do, because they have to announce everything in BOTH OFFICIAL LANGUAGES. It goes like this: “Seize sixteen.” One quick phrase. You tap the table because the dealer is showing an eight, and pull a 4 to make twenty. “Vingt twenty.” The dealer flips over a 2 to make ten. “Dix ten.” The dealer draws a V. “Vingt twenty. Egalite push.” Zut alors.

But the most astute comment came from Jay, as we walked by a decorative cement pool that had been completely drained. There were hundreds of shiny coins lying at the bottom, and somebody joked about whether anybody wanted to make a wish and throw some change into the empty pond. “Well, it’s no different than what we were doing over there,” said Jay, gesturing over his shoulder to the blackjack table.

[Ed’s note: On Altavista’s translation site, “blackjack” translates into “nerf du boeuf” which literally means “ox nerve.”]

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