Jackson’s Superbowl Breast Barely Misses Boob

I only tuned in to the last 4 seconds of this year’s Superbowl, so I missed the half-time show and Janet Jackson’s naked breast, pierced nipple and all.

In trying to find the footage (for sheerly research purposes, you understand), I’ve read several news articles about the incident. The funniest was in this article, which after several paragraphs outlining how the FCC and involved performers were responding, suddenly felt it necessary to include the following piece of information:

President George W. Bush turned off his television just before Jackson flashed her breast.

[Ed’s Note: This, of course, would be the boob alluded to in today’s title]

I would say that this is the state of the news in America, but this article appeared on a Singapore newspaper’s web site. Which perhaps means that other countries are slowly, inevitably, sinking into the journalistic quicksand that is today’s popular media. Go MTV!

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