Girlfriend Update

There will be no girlfriend updates

The honeymoon phase is over, apparently. My new, wonderful, awesome girlfriend has requested a fatwa on my posting about her.

This means that she knows me well enough to know that:

  1. I sometimes write things that accidentally hurt people’s feelings,
  2. I sometimes write things that I know tease other people, but incorrectly assess how lightly they will take it, and
  3. I cannot be trusted to censor myself where love is concerned

Ed’s Note: He meant ‘feelings,’ not ‘love.’ See, this is exactly the kind of snafu he’s talking about. And in no way is this post to be used as evidence that he used the ‘L’ word first. This is an official correction. Stamped it, no eraseys.

What I will say is this: we are playing lots, talking lots, working together lots, and discovering each other lots. I think maybe the best thing I’ve learned so far is that a good relationship

Ed’s Note: See? There he goes again.

has an inherent sense of abundance and fecundity

Ed’s Note: He learned that word in his night class. Yes, he wants you to look it up.

that calms your fears of running out of things to say, accepting a soporific boredom, or having the edges of your tongue sharpened by regret or remorse.

So despite my high-spirits, I must refrain from making any posts specifically about her, or us. I wonder if she’ll count this one?

Ed’s Note: Oh-ho yeah.

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