Jesus Comes to Campus

And He Brought SNACKS!

Christian PopcornDuring Frosh Week lots of organizations came to the student centre to schelp their wares and ideologies. A downtown bar was letting students spin a wheel for prizes. Mobile phone companies were giving away water bottles. Credit card recruiters had free university hats and t-shirts. And the Catholic and Christian Outreach people had… popcorn.

Jesus has lost some of his allure, I guess. I mean, an outreach is supposed to be there for people to come to when they are in need, but not in need of buttery carbohydrate snacks. If I were one of the Big C faiths (which I am not, obviously), would I be more likely to approach this booth because of the popcorn? I mean, wouldn’t I go over and say hello regardless? Or are the god people hoping to lure heathens to the table, sing ’em the Jesus pitch, and have Orville Reddenbacher close the deal?

I don’t get it.

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