My Mac "Switcher" Experience Part 2

Phantom Email and Phone Phollow Up

I got all excited today when I receive an invoice confirmation from Apple by email. I thought it might have good news about my shipping date, but no such luck.

In fact, it was a horribly formatted text-only squash of French and English, with a total of four separate ID numbers at various spots, and a total owing of $159.68– an amount that doesn’t line up with anything I purchased.

I called Apple, and the guy on the phone was as baffled as me. He checked two of the four numbers and assured me that everything was fine, I was not being billed that amount, and I should just ignore the email. So one strike against Apple for having an invoicing system with Tourette’s.

He then asked if I had any questions about the shipping dates, and I told him that when I configured the computer, it said 1-3 days, but after buying it, this changed to 5 days. This was bad because if I didn’t get it before the end of the semester, I wouldn’t be able to demo it to my students, who are all in the process of selecting computers for university. Hint. Hint. He laughed and said he would try to put in a good word for me.

Later that evening I received a phone call from an Apple rep who noticed I had added the MacBook to my cart a couple of times, and was wondering if I needed any help with my purchase. I smacked my forehead; not because he was unaware that I had already purchased– I kind of like that he didn’t have all the information– but because I had received a similar call when I was pricing Powerbooks last year, followed by a bunch of email coupons to help encourage me to buy. If I had waited for this call, I might have saved a few bucks!

I told him that I’d already purchased, and when he asked if I had any questions about the shipping dates, I told him my sob story.

I don’t realistically expect my ship dates to be moved up, but man, would that ever be customer service!

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