My Mac “Switcher” Experience Special Update

The First Arrival

After yesterday’s rigamarole, I finally received my DVI-to-VGA adapter. It is very cool looking, even for an adapter. And yes, I know how geeky and pathetic that sounds.

Ed’s Note: Actually, I don’t think he does.

At last check (which I am doing online every 6 minutes), my MacBook took off from Memphis, TN at 3:39 AM and has yet to land anywhere. According to the folks at Apple, it should arrive tomorrow, sometime around noon. This sets me up for an entire day of potential disappointment. Alternatively, if the thing actually shows up, I am set for a sleepless stretch unmatched since I discovered Final Fantasy X for the PS2.

Ed’s Note: He didn’t get off the couch for 20 hours. Nuff said.

Oh sweet technological joy.

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