New Apple/Motorola ROKR is for SUKRs

I waited a long time for the new Apple/Motorola phone. My current Motorola phone was a very sturdy and long-lived StarTac, and I love Apple, so the combination of the two seemed like a perfect marriage. And I wanted to stay loyal to these companies, to support the excellent products I had experienced previously.

But after a string of delays in introducing the phone, I caved and bought the Palm Treo 600 instead. And I love it. It has a camera, cell phone, keyboard, PDA and MP3 player all built into one slick little device. (I will write a bit more about this purchase later.) So I was terrified of buyer’s remorse when the ROKR phone was unveiled earlier this week.

Thankfully, by my judgement (and the popular analysis), this phone is a major flop. Rather than repeat what is being said, you can read up on it yourself, here.

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