Volleyball I.Q. on the Decline

As Long as they can Count to Three...

So I’m coaching the junior boys’ volleyball team at my high school this year. The athletes look fantastic, and picking the team is proving difficult.

One thing I like to do is see how they react to weirdness, and distraction. I get them to serve, one at a time, and we do penalties for each one missed (like push-ups or “burpees”). Next, they serve again, but I stop each kid before their serve and ask a question, just to throw their rhythm. Here is a list of some of the questions, and the actual answers I got. Let me stress, too, that every single answer was stated as a question, or better put, as a guess.

Q: What is the capital of Canada?
A: Quebec?

Q: What’s eighty-one minus thirty-seven?
A: Like, sixty-something?

Q: What’s the capital of Nova Scotia?
A: Manitoba?

I asked this next one as a joke, but the answer was given with dead seriousness.

Q: How many wheels are there on an 18-wheeler?
A: Uh, four?

However, this question was answered before I could even finish it:

Q: Who founded Micros–
A: Bill Gates.

Did I mention they’re great athletes?

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