No People in the Jet Engine!

No People in the Jet Engine!Flew from Calgary to Toronto today, with WestJet. The picture shown here is of a shiny new engine, aglow with warnings and icons. Apparently no people are allowed in the engine. Perhaps reasonable to a plane maintenance crew, but odd at 30,000 feet.

In addition to cheap flights, WestJet is known for in-flight comedy schtick like the rumoured racing of toilet paper rolls down the aisles.

On this trip, the flight crew were friendly, funny, and little things made me smile, like the dozen different ways of saying “Thank you” printed around the edge of their napkins.

The head comedian/flight attendant commented that anyone caught smoking would be asked to leave the aircraft immediately, but upon arrival thanked the smokers for their patience. “Please light up only in designated areas,” he said, “and if you are unsure where these areas are, just follow your flight crew as they disembark the aircraft.”

He finished with a song, to the tune of “This Old Man:”

We love you, you love us
WestJet’s faster than the bus
We’ve got style and personality
If you marry one of us you’ll fly for free!

It cost them nothing, and now I’ll never pay to fly Air Canada again.

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