WestJet: The Return

Flew back from Toronto late last night. Once again, Westjet staff were friendly and helpful, though not quite as funny.

Late into the flight, I started eating the pizza that Cori and Phil had brought for me, and asked the flight attendant for some iced tea. When I finished the drink, I put the glass down and started to consider asking for a refill. Before I could even finish the thought, a Westjetter appeared over my shoulder and topped up my cup. Nice.

Otherwise, the flight was a total circus. There were at least a half dozen screaming children, and I got to observe several different parenting styles. My favourite exchange was between the woman across the aisle from me and her daughter, who was doing a lot of whiny-type crying. In teacher’s college, we touch on the idea of classroom conflict management, and asking pointless, rhetorical questions to make a display of your authority is frowned upon. This illustrates why:

Mother: Don’t you ever get tired of crying?
Daughter: [silence]
Mother: I said, don’t you ever get tired of crying?
Daughter: [silence]
Mother: Answer my question! Don’t you ever get tired of crying?
Daughter: [angrily] No!
Mother: Why not?
Daughter: Because you keep hurting my feelings!

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