Oh Lord, why must you mock me so?

Dave, my soon-to-be ex-roommate, left this morning for Peru and all points Southern and American. Sounds like he’s got an exciting trip in store, involving lots of anti-theft devices and techniques.

The best part is the new digital camera he’s got for his trip. It’s not the one I’d buy, but it’s cooler than the one I don’t have.

Adding to the misery is my best friend Ang, who returned from his honeymoon in the US Virgin Islands with his own new digital camera, the Canon A70, in my opinion the best camera value out there.

Seems like everybody but me has a new digital camera. And I’m still trying to find a home for my $2000 worth of film camera gear, on sale for less than half price!… (sigh). Aren’t there any photography purists left?

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