Palm’s LifeDrive = SlowDeath

I think Palm (or PalmOne?) has made a bit of a boo-boo. This company was once great at producing awesome handheld PDA computers. I haven’t seen anything interesting out of them in years.

Oh sure, there’s the awesome Treo phones, but they were created by Handspring (a company created by a former Palm employee who went on to create better a line of PDAs that competed directly with Palm), and only come under the PalmOne moniker because Palm bought Handspring out.

Palm’s newest offering? The LifeDrive, a kind of multipurpose device that plays music, movies, photos, and stores contact and calendar information.

Let’s step back a second here. Out of all the portable technology devices people carry, what is numero uno? The mobile phone. The mobile phone, the mobile phone, the mobile phone. So why would someone want to carry around another device in order to store contact info, photos, blah blah blah? Palm’s Treo phones are already capable of playing (and recording!) photos and videos, and can play MP3 music with third party software. They manage contact and calendar info, and accept memory cards, so storage isn’t a big issue. AND THEY HAVE A PHONE BUILT IN. It seems like a step backwards to create a device without a phone.

I’m wondering who the market is for this paperweight?

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