"Signs" of the Apocalypse Part 1

It makes me sad when I see tangible evidence of how ridiculously stupid our society has become.

I was shopping in Oakville Place mall over the holidays with my mother, when I saw this gem pasted on a fire extinguisher panel: “Fire extinguisher for Fires only.”

Wow. I mean, seriously, think about what happened here. A group of supposedly intelligent people decided that the rest of us needed to be told this. In red block letters.

Let’s break this down. Are there people who would decide to use a fire extinguisher for something other than a fire? Are these people unaware that they are doing something wrong when they abuse the fire extinguisher? Would a sign, even one in red block letters, be enough to deter these morons? I mean, if you’re too dumb to know when it’s appropriate to spray a public place with a high pressure hose, are you likely to read cautionary notices?

Of course, everyone knows these signs are ridiculous. But they’re there to provide defence not against unwanted wetness, but rather unwanted lawsuits. The success of said lawsuits only goes to show that our lawmakers and justices are as stupid, or perhaps helpless, as the people whom the sign was meant to thwart in the first place.

I guess my biggest complaint is that the stupidity of the few has led to the over-signing of North America, which belittles us all and results in a general acceptance of personal irresponsibility.

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