"Signs" of the Apocalypse Part 2

OK, this isn’t actually a sign of the Apocalypse, but it is a sign of the times. Ten years ago, how many men’s mall washrooms would have had a sign informing its patrons where to have their baby bottles warmed up? Free of charge, at that.

I am glad to see that the child rearing responsibilities have so firmly shifted to the shoulders of both parents that mall management sees potential profit in appealing to its male cold baby bottle carrying customers. I suppose this sign will have new significance once I actually have a child, but I have to admit that in the dark, primitive, grunting regions of my brain, the last thing I want to think about in a room full of silent peeing men is the prospect of feeding a baby, or doing anything domestic for that matter.

The funniest part is that when I whipped out my camera in a bathroom full of men holding their penises, nobody flinched or even cleared their throats in protest. In fact, the guy in the picture seemed to hold still while I captured the moment.

Guys in bathrooms are weird.

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