Rating is Back!

You WILL click the little stars! Click them, damn you!

I brought back a popular toy: post ratings. I’ve taken out the old buttons, and replaced them with a five-star system that I literally could cut-and-paste from the tools at Newsgator.com, my RSS feedreader web site. (Cough, cough… I just wrote about RSS a couple days agocough, cough)

Go! Clicky-clicky! After you read each post, just click whatever star tickles your fancy. A one is fine, if that’s what it deserves,

Ed’s Note: Many will be deserving.

and I’ll follow along and see what’s hot and what’s… well, less thermally gifted. Nobody said I don’t pander to the masses!

Ed’s Note: Or the four people who read this site. Hi, Josh’s Mom!

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