Saskatoon to Winnip… uh, Kenora (998 km)

Charlie in Winnipeg
Felt better this morning. This means nothing, of course. Got to Winnipeg and drove back and forth on the main drag, trying to find internet access to check my email for a message for Kathy regarding a possible friend’s place where I could crash. No luck. Kathy wasn’t home, and her voicemail was full, so I decided to just head out and keep driving, crashing at a Motel when I got tired.

If I’ve learned anything from this trip, it’s to get the first reasonably priced room you can find, which is usually on the outskirts of a large city. The Howard Johnson’s outside Winnipeg looked great and had rates “starting at $49.99,” but I decided a smaller place further along would be cheaper. This is entirely wrong. In Kenora, a couple hours east, I had no option but to collapse at the Travelodge, the only vacancy in town, for $80. The room was OK, but the air conditioning didn’t work at all. I didn’t have the strength to call down to the desk and complain, and it also occurred to me that my discomfort could probably be caused by a fever, which would explain why I was lying naked on the bed, without sheets, sweating my nuts off.

I drew a bath of cold water and fell in. That was a bit better. Later I hung my nauseated head over the toilet, hoping for a little sumpin’-sumpin’. No luck. No trots, either. My body is weird.

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